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The Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic...

We ‘re Here To Ensure Everyone Has A Voice...Everyone Has A Choice To Live Well!

Everyday The Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Clinic is working to make healthcare accessible and affordable.  Everyday we see..."What the difference access to healthcare can mean to a grandparent, father, mother, child, and young adult."  Since 1985 we have kept our promise to serve those in need of medical services with out regard to their financial circumstance.  The impact has been clear with thousands of families enjoying what many take for granted...access to affordable healthcare from physicians and nurses who listen and respond to their needs. 

When you visit our clinic, it is clear we are here for the patients and the community we serve.  Please make our facility your first choice for medical services.  Our staff is waiting to answer any questions you might have and provide information about the services we offer.  Remember..."Our patients are our number one concern 365 days a years."  Acknowledging & Saluting Our Supporters


Click on the link  to email us or call us at 214-426-3645. info@mlkfamilyclinic.org

Address: 2922-B MLK Blvd., Dallas Texas 75215  --  Directions: Near I-45, South Freeway and Martin Luther  King, Jr. Blvd. One mile West of Fair Park.